About Us

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Back in 2008 the founders of the company started adapting different pepper seeds to the climate conditions of the south western part of Colombia. The result was tastier and more colorful peppers than the ones the market was used to.

"Tierra de Oro"

Santander de Quilichao is the name of a town 45 minutes south of Cali. It is believed that the word “Quilichao” comes from two words of the ancient pijao language: QUILICH (Soil) and AO (Gold), meaning “Tierra de Oro” or Golden Soil in English.

Our Peppers

We have gathered great experience in non-commodity peppers. Characteristics such as their aroma, color, tastes and pungency are considered and then carefully adapted to the climate conditions of the region they are grown.

Corporate Social Responsibility

When buying PICANTOS hot peppers you are getting a product with a double added value. They are grown in the most sustainable way possible, making the environment our priority. The social value is also important because it is produced in small plots, creating new sources of income for the local families.