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Corporate social responsibility – Contract farming

Contract Farming.

When buying our peppers you are getting a product with a double added value. They are grown in the most sustainable way possible, making the environment and the people our priorities. All our peppers are produced in small plots mostly owned by small farmers under contract farming, creating new sources of income for the local families.

After almost 9 years of growing hot peppers, we specially developed a sustainable agricultural model which uses only biological ingredients and cares deeply for the protection areas close to the rivers and creeks that provide water. Almost 40% of our land is destined to protect the water fronts.

Back in the years of the Colombian conflict the Cauca Department was considered a Red Zone, causing that local farmers had few opportunities to work their lands. The Peace process that the country is undergoing has provided new scenarios for these areas and this is why the Company has partnered up with a local farmer association called CETEC to produce the peppers under contract farming. Seeds, technical assistance and a Purchase Guarantee for the whole crop are provided by the company.

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