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Our history as pepper mash suppliers

Becoming pepper mash suppliers.

Back in 2008 the founders of the company started adapting different pepper seeds to the climate conditions of the south western part of Colombia. The result was tastier and more colorful peppers than the ones the market was used to. It became clear that we had the potential of becoming manufacturers of finished products for retail and wholesale pepper mash suppliers.

During the first five years different prototypes of the product were introduced to the Colombian market for validation, achieving great reviews from customers. In 2012 La Cosecha del Valle was founded to formally introduce these varieties of peppers in Colombia’s major retailer stores. Under the brand PICANTOS we sell our peppers in stores such as Exito, Carulla, Olimpica, La 14 and Cencosud.

In 2015 the PICANTOS peppers started to go overseas. Among our first international clients we can specially name Ximena’s Latin Flavor in Austin, Texas and Caribbean and Asian Pepper Inspiration from the Netherlands, which was the first shipment by sea we did as wholesale pepper mash suppliers.

Since the beginning there was a constant search for a special location to grow special peppers. We founded it in Santander de Quilichao in the Cauca Department, a place also known as “Tierra de Oro”.

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