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Our peppers – Peruvian pepper oriented

Peruvian Pepper Oriented.

We have gathered great experience in different Peruvian pepper varieties. Characteristics such as their aroma, color, tastes and pungency are considered and then carefully adapted to the climate conditions of the region they are grown.

Among the favorite Peruvian pepper varieties we harvest Aji Amarillo, Red Hot Paper Lantern (Limo Rojo) and Yellow Hot Paper Lantern (Limo Amarillo). These last two varieties are a different kind of Habanero (Capsicum chinense) but still from the same family; they are also a great replacement for the Habanero mash since the spice level is also high and it has a less sharper aroma than a regular Habanero.

We are continuously searching for new pepper varieties to keep up with consumer demand for new experiences. Early next year we expect to have Ghost pepper mash available.

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