Reliable Supply.

Santander de Quilichao is the name of a town 45 minutes south of Cali. It is believed that the word “Quilichao” comes from two words of the ancient pijao language: QUILICH (Soil) and AO (Gold), meaning “Tierra de Oro” or Golden Soil in English.

The Golden Soil can be found all over the northern part of the Cauca Department, and we believe that this unique condition along with the tropical weather is responsible for a reliable supply and the production of more aromatic, tastier, spicier and more colorful peppers all year round. After all, it is a fact that tastier fruits and vegetables come from latitudes no farther than 5 degrees from the Equator.

Besides the climate conditions, the Cauca Department is home to great, and hardworking families of farmers that struggled to find opportunities during the Colombian conflict. We realized that growing peppers in partnership with these farmers is a great way to contribute to these families and to guarantee our clients a reliably supply of peppers.

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